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TradeByte CEO Matthias Schulte talks to platform pioneers, DTC experts and leaders of digital commerce one-to-one!

Because we deeply believe: Platform business is people business.

  • MATTHIAS MEETS: Marcel Brindöpke!,Co-Founder and Managing Director of heyconnect

    For the 2020 finale Matthias Schulte meets Marcel Brindöpke, Co-Founder & Managing Director of heyconnect!  


Regular segments with Alex as he dives deep with special guests, some big players and our expert friends on industry topics.

Join in and watch discuss all things platforms, tech, theory and of course, people business.

  • ECD LIVE Talk: Digitec Galaxus & the unique Swiss Market with Stefan Fraude, Digitec Galaxus

    Hello, or in this case: Grüezi ECD Community and welcome to this first ever country specific edition of the ECD LIVE Talk. Our guest is Stefan Fraude, Head of Category Management at Digitec Galaxus. Stefan is not only a wonderful storyteller but also a long term observer and player of the e-commerce circle in general.

  • ECD LIVE Talk – Matthias Schulte, CEO of Tradebyte Software GmbH

    It’s an honor to have Matthias Schulte! He has a very deep knowledge of the e-commerce industry but also a gift to put complex ideas into simple words. In this special edition we dare to predict the major trends in digital commerce coming in 2021.

  • ECD LIVE Talk – Lennard Kressi from limango and Johannes Merkl of mytoys Group.

    This is the family segment! With 12 million club members, limango is a huge. Watch Lennard Kressin, Head of Marketplace at limango, deep dive on how they manage to grow with the customer demands and  Johannes Merkl, Director Partner Program mytoys Group and Director at Mirapodo on what makes a family-orientated platform is so special.

  • ECD LIVE Talk – K5’s Verena Schlüpmann & Christiane Lübke

    For years, Verena & Christiane have run the K5 summit, a trademark of K5. They, like us, have never experienced such radical turnover of events like this year. So we review the year in quarters, and look into the emotions, decision-making processes and the will to try something completely new.

  • ECD LIVE: TALK– Martin Larisch, Director Partnermanagement Marketplace, Ludwig Görtz GmbH

    This week’s edition is our first in German! Martin Larisch is Director of Partner Management for Marketplace & Supply at Ludwig Görtz GmbH. Görtz, a very well-known, traditional shoe retailer from Hamburg, Germany, recently became a platform!

  • ECD LIVE Talk – Tobias Schlotter, Tobias Schlotter, General Manager Central & Eastern Europe, Akeneo

    In this weeks’ premiere, our guest is Tobias Schlotter, General Manager Central and Eastern Europe at Akeneo, one of the world’s leading PIM suppliers. What does that mean in terms of the idea behind the product and where and how does this data makes a difference?

  • ECD LIVE Talk – Opening Session with Alexander Otto

    ECD LIVE will stream regularly bringing you one-to-one talks with e-commerce experts, insights into the platform business and discussions on trends and the future of our industry. The ECD hosted by Alexander Otto, Head of Corporate Relations at Tradebyte.


Stay tuned for some really cool and insightful video, audio and written content that we are creating round the clock!

  • Platform Business – What does it mean and which varieties are most promising? – ECD Panel Discussion

    The journey into platform business begins with a marketplace model. What are the different models that exist today and which are the most successful ones? How can brands, vendors and retailers dip their toes into platform business?

  • How’s your digital fitness? – Panel Discussion at the ECD 2019

    Digital transformation can only succeed if everyone is on board. It’s not the systems, the technologies or even the processes that make the difference – human beings are what it’s all about.

  • High Five, ECD – Video Recap of the ECD 2019 in Munich

    530 participants, 30 presentations and 400 one-to-one meetings. The ECD exceeded everyone’s expectations on its fifth birthday! Let’s look back on those inspiring conversations, beaming faces and sparkling moments!