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TradeByte CEO Matthias Schulte talks to platform pioneers, DTC experts and leaders of digital commerce one-to-one!

Because we deeply believe: Platform business is people business.

  • MATTHIAS MEETS: Marcel Brindöpke!,Co-Founder and Managing Director of heyconnect

    For the 2020 finale Matthias Schulte meets Marcel Brindöpke, Co-Founder & Managing Director of heyconnect!  


Regular segments with Alex as he dives deep with special guests, some big players and our expert friends on industry topics.

Join in and watch discuss all things platforms, tech, theory and of course, people business.

  • ECD Live Interview: Julian Eckerle from auto-retouch!

    Transformation and adapting is at the core of this week’s installment of ECD ON THE ROAD with Julian Eckerle, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Office for auto-retouch. With  3 million in enhanced images currently online and offering state-of-the-art AI software for online businesses, they pack a punch! It was inspiring to learn about Julian and his insight for business at the ECD Lunch in Amsterdam recently. What’s Julian’s secret for success in a demanding and evolving platform industry? You have to watch to find this out and what his favorite social platform is!

  • ECD Live Talk: Felix Meintrup from About You

    We took ten quick minutes with Felix at the ECD Lunch Benelux II in Amsterdam recently, kicking off our ECD ON THE ROAD Interview Series! Find out what makes About You successful at its core and how international business expansion is more than a trend but a way to maximize growth, oh and Felix’s most used phone App!    

  • ECD LIVE Talk with Malte Dous from DocMorris

    For our second in-studio live sit down interview at our very own ECD Studio, we sat down with Malte Dous, Managing Director at DocMorris Marketplace. With his background as the “father” of Zalando’s Partner Program and General Manager for Wayfair Germany, he is a marketplace ultra, knowing the business inside out and vice versa. Watch as Alex and Malte deep dive on the impact of the online pharmacy and e-prescriptions will have on your online & offline life, the booming medical sector which is taking our industry by storm and Malte’s insights on how any diverse market can excel via digital retail solutions.      

  • ECD Live Talk: Dr. Dominick Benner from The Platform Group

    This week we sat down with Dr. Dominik Benner, CEO of The Platform Group which he started after successful years with his boldly developed online platform – which has more than 2000 successful retail stores. The Platform Group owns several locations throughout Germany, owning 13 B2C platforms, 8 B2B, and collaborates with 3900 partners in digital retail fashion since its start up in 2018. Watch and learn about Dominik’s inspiring story, how to find your power niche in several markets and diversify your strategy to grow a larger diverse customer base.    

  • ECD Live Talk: Armand Farsi from Fanatics Inc.

    Welcome back! Not only is it the premiere of our first very own ECD studio that we are recording in now, but also a long awaited premiere: With Armand Farsi that the ECD welcomes it’s the first-ever in-studio guest!  Armand  is Head of DACH and International Marketplaces at global sports merchandise powerhouse, Fanatics, Inc. Learn how Fanatics has become one of the leading drivers and innovators of sports merchandising and why the European market is still rather new ground for them.     

  • ECD LIVE Talk: Digitec Galaxus & the unique Swiss Market with Stefan Fraude, Digitec Galaxus

    Hello, or in this case: Grüezi ECD Community and welcome to this first ever country specific edition of the ECD LIVE Talk. Our guest is Stefan Fraude, Head of Category Management at Digitec Galaxus. Stefan is not only a wonderful storyteller but also a long term observer and player of the e-commerce circle in general.

  • ECD LIVE Talk – Ryan Mullins, CEO at Aglet

    Ryan Mullins, former Director Future Trends at Adidas, is now founder and CEO of his start-up Aglet. A progressive thinker, game-changer and shaker! Watch us talk optimism for the virtual world, how fashion commerce is evolving, and why gaming is positive, despite its reputation!


Stay tuned for some really cool and insightful video, audio and written content that we are creating round the clock!

  • Platform Business – What does it mean and which varieties are most promising? – ECD Panel Discussion

    The journey into platform business begins with a marketplace model. What are the different models that exist today and which are the most successful ones? How can brands, vendors and retailers dip their toes into platform business?

  • How’s your digital fitness? – Panel Discussion at the ECD 2019

    Digital transformation can only succeed if everyone is on board. It’s not the systems, the technologies or even the processes that make the difference – human beings are what it’s all about.

  • High Five, ECD – Video Recap of the ECD 2019 in Munich

    530 participants, 30 presentations and 400 one-to-one meetings. The ECD exceeded everyone’s expectations on its fifth birthday! Let’s look back on those inspiring conversations, beaming faces and sparkling moments!